Great Job

 Posted by dlecher on 07/27/2010

Ernie cleaned the roof and pressure washed our two story house in record time. It would have taken me three days to do what he accomplished in several hours. The results were fantastic. He is a professional who real knows what he is doing. His prices are reasonable. It's refreshing to do business with such a honest and dependable individual. My daughter has since used his services with the same fantastic results. Highly recommended.

         Very Pleased

 Posted by MichaelHouser on 08/10/2010

My neighbor walked over one day, handed me a card and said "call this guy". He said that Bye Bye Roof Stains was doing the roofs where he worked and they looked great. I went and checked out the results and called the company. That was over four years ago. My roof looks GREAT. I am convinced what Ernie has done has extended the life of my roof as well. I am so pleased that I recommend his service to anyone. He is a professional.


 Posted by ddstroupe on 03/11/2010

I had noticed a few black stains appearing on my roof and thought it was caused by pollution because most of the houses in my area had the same black stains. As the stains grew, my almost new roof became ugly and ruined the appearance of my home. Then I found BYE, BYE ROOF STAINS. I learned that the ugly stains were not pollution, but a fungus that would destroy my roof and allow mold and fungus spores to enter my home. I signed up to have my roof cleaned and signed on to the maintenance program. Now my roof looks new again.

I have been a very satisfied customer of Bye, Bye Roof Stains since March 2006 and would highly recommend their services to anyone who wants a beautiful, clean roof. After all, you spend a lot of money putting a roof on your home, so why not spend a little and keep it looking new and beautiful.

Do as I did and say........................."BYE, BYE ROOF STAINS".

D. Stroupe
Bessemer City, NC

         Very Pleased!!!

 Posted by claybren on 01/26/2010

Bye Bye Roof Stains cleaned my roof the first time 2 years ago. I thought it was dirt from the trees I had just lost in the ice storm but they told me it was a fungus that would continue to grow if left unattended so I joined their maintenance program too. I was surprised at how affordable it was.

I also had them clean my driveway, deck, back porch and storage building last spring and was so pleased with the results that I had them come back and clean my shadow box privacy fence. Now everything looks brand new and I'm so glad I made that first call!!!

         Satisfied customer

 Posted by JBrothers on 03/11/2010

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself. All of the stains on my roof were gone!! I don't know what he uses but it really works! His prices are very reasonable. After I saw the difference he made on our roof, I asked him to clean our fence and our back deck along with the front porch! I will never use anyone else. I would recommend Ernie to anyone!!!!

         bye bye roof stains is amazing!

 Posted by Dcallahan on 08/09/2010

Our house is 14 years old and about four years ago we started noticing black stains on our grey shingles. We kept seeing the signs in yards where Bye Bye Roof Stains had treated roofs around the county and decided to call. He came and did an estimate and we were amazed at how low the price was, it was very, very reasonable. He treated our roof and it looks great!!! . Our roof looks very good and I am so glad we did it. It is so simple and he takes care of everything.

         A service company that really gives good service!!

 Posted by captgo on 05/21/2010

In the fall of 2006 I was looking at the back of my house and noticed that the roof had black stains all over it. My wife happened to see a gentleman spraying a roof in our neighborhood and asked him to take a look at our roof. That was when I met Ernie Ferrell with Bye Bye Roof stains. He took the time to explain what the black stains were and the damage they would do to my roof. Because the roof is large and steep, with many peaks and valleys only someone with experience and the right equipment could handle it. The roof is now back to its original grey color. I also had a shingle tab blow off. It was about twenty feet up the roof which required a forty foot ladder just to get to the roof. Ernie had the forty foot ladder and found the tab and had it reinstalled in no time.

It is hard to find companies these days that really provide good customer service but Ernie Ferrell and Bye Bye Roof Stains is one that does and I recommend him to everyone. I wish all the companies I dealt with were as honest and dependable.

Cornelius, NC

         The Best Ever

 Posted by Deacwon on 02/17/2010

Our roof had given us problems for years with unsightly mildew problems (our house faces North). As we had cedar siding as well, you can imagine how bad the house looked until we met Ernie from Bye Bye Roof Stains. Not only has he kept our house looking impeccably clean, but he stays on top of the situation to the point we don't even have to think about it any more. We covered the cedar with vinyl siding a few years ago and he keeps that looking like new as well. Unfortunately, we had a piece of siding from the top of the 2nd floor blow off in a recent wind storm. Guess who pulled out his 30 ft ladder and climbed up to nail the piece back in?...Bye Bye Roof Stains, of course! They take care of house stains and sidewalk stains and deck stains and anything else that keeps your residence from looking like new. We can't sing their praises enough, GREAT FOLKS! Thank you Bye Bye Roof Stains!


 Posted by bwhitlock on 02/04/2010

I found Bye Bye Roof Stains by looking on Angie's List. Once i did that I notified the company and spoke with the Owner Ernest Ferrell which i then found out he was also a member of the Better Business Bureau which impressed me even more. I knew I had to do something about my roof, which my first thought was to replace. After speaking with Ernie and having him explain how it could just be fungus that had accumulated over the years, i set up an appointment with him and the rest is history. Not only did he provide me with the best customer service i have seen from anyone in a long time, but he saved me a lot of money by not having to replace my roof. I couldn't beleive my eyes when the job was finished, my roof looked brand new and what a difference it made in the appearance of my home. If you are looking for a honest, respectful and hard working man, please call Bye Bye Roof Stains, I HIGHLY recommend him. Believe me you will not be disappointed!!!

Cherryville, NC

         Excellent Job!!

 Posted by r12johnson on 08/24/2010

Great job!!!! Very happy with the job they did. I want to share what a good job they did so everyone will no. My roof was very black but after they came It now looks like a new roof. I don't give reviews unless I am happy with my service.  Very happy customer.

         I love this company!

 Posted by goodepk on 07/03/2010

I have been a customer of this company for years. They do outstanding work. My roof looks just like brand new. Any questions that I have had have been answered in a quick and friendly manner. I would recommend this product to anyone with a discolored roof. I recommended them to all of my neighbors and they are also happy with the service they have received! Thank you so much for the service you have provided to me over the years!

         This is a good service.

 Posted by keensonlake on 06/23/2010

This is a good service. Our roof is 20 yrs. old. Since we had it cleaned and maintained by bye bye roof stains it looks as good as new.

         It was a pleasure to do business with Mr. Ernie

 Posted by kathyc3 on 05/26/2010

It was a pleasure to do business with Mr. Ernie, he was very nice, fair, and did a beautiful job on my roof. He informed me of how the process worked and that it was safe for my plants. There was very little evidence that they had been here, except a very clean roof. I definitely recommend this business.

         Happy Customer

 Posted by DavidHubbard286… on 05/22/2010

We had Ernie come to clean not only our roof but also the siding on the house. We had someone else come out previously to clean the house an they left streaks on the side of the house. Ernie even cleaned up that guys mess. He did an amazing job. We are very pleased with the results. Would recommend to anyone.

         Amazing results

 Posted by allisonsprice on 05/20/2010

We had terrible black spots on our roof and our neighbor introduced us to Bye Bye Roof Stains. Ernie came and looked at our roof and gave us an estimate to clean the roof and explained how the maintenance plan worked to ensure a clean roof going forward. I was skeptical at first, but the results were truly amazing. I have before and after pictures to prove it works! He has been coming for at least 10 years and it is well worth it.

Terry & Allison Price
Hudson North Carolina

         This company is very dependable and…

 Posted by swlaxton15 on 08/31/2010

This company is very dependable and trust worthy. They do what they say. We have been a client since 1993. My roof looks like it has just been put on.

Thank you,
L Pope


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