Energy Savings



A roof covered with fungus will absorb more heat due to its black pigmentation. Convection stored in upper levels of the home is unable to dissipate heat due to the insulating factors inherent with fungus.


These factors will result in higher utility bills. There could be as much as a 10 to 20 degree decrease in the under-roof temperature after the fungus has been removed, This could make a noticeable difference in your electric bill if the change in your attic temperature reduces the in-home temperature by just a few degrees.

Besides making your roof look old, the fungus can decrease the life of the shingles because of the granular loss. Also mold and fungus spores could be getting into your home, For those suffering from allergies this could be a real problem, The roof area generally represents 40 to 50 percent of the total front elevation, If fungus is covering this much area, it will certainly create a major impact on the overall appearance of the home. Fungus-covered roofs are unsightly and make your home look prematurely old.



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